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Stacking Benjamins: Your Gateway to Financial Independence

Aug 11, 2017

How do you save a million dollars (we said in our coolest Austin Powers voice....). We'll discuss a recent online piece that goes over that on our Friday roundtable! Special guest, and Hip Hop's Financial Advisor Rob Wilson joins Paula Pant and Len Penzo in a no-holds-barred conversation on saving more money.

Of course, we don't stop there. We also tackle a recent Time story about millennials. Apparently, ONE trick is helping them save more money. We'll share not only what it is but also additional tricks to save more money. Finally, we review a Moneyologist column question about taking care of a brother's money. If he can't do it himself, how much should sister step in?

In our Friday FinTech segment, we talk to the CEO of GO, a cool app that'll help you more quickly (and by more quickly, we mean WAY more quickly) your car insurance. It's as easy as taking a photo....

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