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Stacking Benjamins: Your Gateway to Financial Independence

Aug 9, 2017

Hello, sandwich lovers! What better way to talk about the ugliness of inflation than comparing the cost of a sandwich from year to year? Len Penzo every year does exactly that. By comparing the cost of a sandwich, we tackle back to school costs, nutrition, and also the specter of inflation...all in one discussion.

In our headlines segment we talk to Jamie Wise from the BUZZ Index (ticker BUZ) about online social media buzz about stocks. LOTS of chatter going on over the last month. We'll talk Netflix, biotech, and more on today's podcast.

Of course that's not all....we STILL have time to throw out the Haven Life line, bring on Doug's trivia, share some bad jokes, and lots more....

Huge thanks to Roofstock and for helping us with today's show and through the years on this show. They're an awesome company and if you're not using them, I'm not sure you know what you're missing!