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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jan 16, 2017

How's your budget? Whether you have one or not, this is a great show to get your house in order, because Holly and Greg Johnson are here to talk zero sum budgeting. What is zero-sum budgeting and how can it help your family reach your goals? We'll tackle that on today's show! Plus, Jamie Wise joins us from the Buzz Indexes. What does the incoming President's tweets have to do with stock performance? Jamie covers that. 

On the Haven Life line we discuss estate planning with Andrew (and his amazing choir). If his parents leave debts when they pass away, is he liable? Plus, we take your letters AND Doug gives us some verb-free trivia. Amazing!

Special thanks to  SoFi and Magnify Money for sponsoring our show!

Show notes? Click our link here.