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Stacking Benjamins: Earn, Save, and Spend Money With a Plan

Oct 14, 2016

New data shows that people in the housing market might get some relief. Should you go out and get one today based on this news. We kick off the show with a story from Greg that sounds like we're about to talk healthcare coverage and driving lessons....but quickly move into three pieces of media fresh off the...

Oct 12, 2016

Reuters television and print journalist Bobbi Rebell instructs us on what it takes to become a financial grown up. We'll talk investing, saving, hurdling debt and more. It's a wide-ranging discussioin which even involves Bobbi admitting that she, too, once lived at home as an adult with her parents. The Peter Pan in...

Oct 10, 2016

Clark Howard visits the basement to talk about respect for cash, using indexes in your portfolios, finding deals, and getting educated about your money. It's a wide-ranging, fun conversation with one of the biggest names in personal finance that we're sure you're going to enjoy!

But that's not all. Jamie Wise from the

Oct 7, 2016

Market drops are never fun, and when the market sunk two years ago when Philip Taylor ( came down to the basement, he and Joe discussed that, real estate, and other fun money topics. 

This is a rewind episode of Stacking Benjamins during our break week. We'll see you next week with all new guests and...

Oct 5, 2016

You have open enrollment questions and we have answers....kinda. The awesome Money Guys (Brian Preston and Bo Hanson) joined us last year for an epic episode of Stacking Benjamins, and the FinTern rewinds to that episode this week. It was a ton of fun and we're glad he did....and so will you.