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Stacking Benjamins: Your Gateway to Money and Personal Finance

Mar 5, 2018

Ever wonder what it would be like to ditch the rat race and move to a farm in the country? That's exactly what Elizabeth Thames (aka Mrs. Frugalwoods) and her husband did, after a series of events, some of which you'll hear about on today's show! If you're at all interested in rethinking consumerism, today's show is for...

Mar 2, 2018

Griffin the Intern (the "FinTern") is bringing the party on today's rewind episode. This roundtable show originally aired February 2017, and featured Paula Pant, Len Penzo, and Greg McFarlane trying to guess if different forms of income are taxable or not. Of course, in true 2017 roundtable fashion, there's also...

Feb 28, 2018

Griffin the Intern (the "FinTern") rewinds the tape to when we invited featured guest Edward G. Brown down to the basement. Family, friends, coworkers, and even our bosses can steal about half of our day away. The question is, how do we get that time back?

This is a rewind episode that originally aired in 2014. Enjoy!

Feb 26, 2018

Griffin the Intern (the "FinTern") rewinds the tape to when we had former FDIC Chairmain Sheila Bair. What happened behind closed doors in the 2007 housing and banking crisis? How do we ensure that doesn't happen again? We covered that and more on today's rewind... and we had special co-host Josh Dorkin, founder of

Feb 23, 2018

What should you do with a small windfall? Today we ask, if you had $1,000, how should you best use it? We have an article that gives us eight great options, but we ask our panel which of those is best...and why? THAT alone gets rolling a fanstastic discussion between OG, Len Penzo, and special guest from the Money...