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Stacking Benjamins: Your Gateway to Money and Personal Finance

Apr 5, 2017

Collectively, we aren't very good at the money talk. Either we talk down to people, fumble opportunities, or just mangle the topic. Today Marcy Keckler, VP of Financial Strategy for Ameriprise Financial heads down to the basement to cover all things communication and money. We'll discuss spouses/partners/significant others, spend a few moments on techniques to use with children, and then tackle the tough one, aging parents or adult kids.

In our headline segment two companies were scammed online and send LOTS of Benjamins to a crook. We'll explain how that happened and circle around to some tips about how you can protect your identity. Then our social media expert, Jamie Wise from the BUZZ Index (Ticker: BUZ) joins us with social media news about market sentiments overall, and about specific companies like Tesla and Verizon.

Plus, we throw out the Haven Life line to Sasha, who's worried about college. Are prices going to increase and how do parents protect children from the monster cost of an education? We'll also answer a letter from Collin, and also save time for Doug's trivia.

Special thanks to  SoFi and Magnify Money for sponsoring our show!