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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Nov 17, 2017

Our listener call today is about mortgages. Is it better to take out a mortgage for law school or find another way? Our panel weighs in on this and of course, they don't agree. Devin Carroll from the Big Picture Retirement podcast joins in the fun this week to help not only answer listener questions about college planning, but also to help with our headlines and take part in our trivia segment.

In our headlines segment, we talk about Halloween candy. One dentist recommends forcing kids to sell their candy for money. Is this a great way to teach kids about saving and give them cleaner teeth? Also, we discuss the tiny house trend. Is this a fad, a niche, or the wave of the future? One piece we focus on this week seems to think it might be the next big trend....

Also, in our special guest spot, we'll talk about declutter! If you're wading in old CDs, books, video games, DVDs or electronics, this "lazy man's eBay" might be for you. Want a way to make money and also declutter the house? We'll dive into that today!

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