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Stacking Benjamins: Your Gateway to Money and Personal Finance

May 5, 2017

What could make your 20's easier? Or, if your older, what SHOULD you have known in your 20's? On today's roundtable episode, Paula Pant from Afford Anything, Len Penzo from, and Joe discuss all the things they should have known back then.

But that's not all. We circle the wagons on tipping. Should you tip for takeout? When is it appropriate to leave a tip? We'll address all of that today!

PLUS - in our Friday Fintech segment we talk to Ross Kimbarovsky from Respect. If you're worried about elder relatives, Ross and his team are rolling out some innovation in the area of elder care. He'll explain how it all works today.

Thanks to SoFi and for sponsoring our show!