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Stacking Benjamins: Your Gateway to Money and Personal Finance

Feb 3, 2017

Money experts....among other things, they love emergency funds, advocate for robo-advisors, and recommend the 4% rule when disbursing retirement funds. Can you believe the experts in these areas and others? We ask our super panel that very question and you might be surprised by their answers. The Retirement Answer Man himself, Roger Whitney joins Greg and Paula on today's roundtable to talk about that topic and more!

In our Freshbooks FinTech segment we introduce you to Have gift cards you don't plan on spending? Wish there were a way to cash those in? Also, what about scoring a discount for gifts you were going to buy anyway? That's what is about and Eric Berger will explain on today's show exactly how it works.

Looking for tips on refinancing your student loans? Our sponsor SoFi can help. How about debt consolidation, auto loans, savings, or checking accounts? Our sponsor compares ALL of them and more.