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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Dec 29, 2017

Every year we ask Len Penzo's magic 8 ball how the market's going to perform...and more. Today we rewind to our episode a year ago to review the events of 2016 and then make predictions for 2017.

If you've never heard our annual "magic 8 ball" episodes, this is a great starting point. On Friday, January 5 we'll be...

Dec 27, 2017

We head back in time to 2012, when we asked friends of ours AND top HR writer Laurie Reuttiman what lessons we should have learned from that year. What's funny about this list? It could have been 2017....

Hope you're all having a happy holiday week! 

Dec 25, 2017

How do YOU define a "rich" life? Certified Financial Planner Michael F. Kay joined us to talk about his definition, and it's probably MUCH different than yours.

This rewind show is from 2016. Hope you enjoy! 

Dec 22, 2017

Think your 401k rocks? In our headlines segment today we'll share a story from an author who thinks your retirement plan isn't all that it can be. Should you stop investing? Reduce the amount you save into it? We'll tackle both of those questions with Paula Pant from Afford Anything and Andrew Wang from the new...

Dec 20, 2017

In our MONSTER recap of 2017, Today show money editor Jean Chatzky joins in the fun to share five lessons we should have learned from some of the biggest events of the year. She'll talk about the stock market, data hacks, and...well...we don't want to give them all away, so you'll just have to listen, won't you?