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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jan 24, 2018

Okay, we probably have MORE than 5 things in today's show that you didn't know about buying a car, but that's because we feature the amazing Clark Howard today, who throws out car-buying ideas more easily than a politician hands out compliments and kisses babies. It's amazing to hear Clark deftly show you lots of ideas on buying a new car, used car, and even leases.

Plus, in our headlines segment, we sit down with our social media correspondent, Jamie Wise. BUZZ Indexes had a great year, and we're kicking off January talking to Jamie about what's what in the BUZZ Index as we head into 2018. 

We'll of course have more from the world of financial planning, throw out the Haven Life line to  lucky listener David, who wonders about paying off his debt in a hurry with cash on hand OR stretching out the payments because of his low interest rate. We'll also answer a listener letter from the mailbag and score with some of Doug's delightful trivia, and more.

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