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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Mar 27, 2020

Sometimes trying to be an adult just plain stinks. But when do you "adult" and when do you "wing it"? A recent post on popular blogging site Budgets Are Sexy asks that question and today we put that in front of our roundtable panel of top bloggers and podcasters. Where do you balance minimalism with having the right backup? Joining us today from the Afford Anything podcast, we'll say hello to Paula Pant, from our own amazing podcast, our co-host OG, finally, from Len Penzo dot com, we'll welcome Frank from the movie Old School....who you know IS the most responsible adult. Okay, we're joking. Rounding out our team is just Len Penzo.

Working from home? Trying to teach your children while you're working? Today we'll ask CEO Aaron Velky from Ortus Academy how his Money Club works. While others have struggled to help kids learn about money, Ortus Academy has developed a notable short term track record. Could your kids learn money habits better? Aaron joins us to talk about how kids learn and exactly what they think is important to teach. Interestingly, he'll talk about financial education as a sport. How do you teach kids to "win" with money? we'll share how they're solving that problem.

Finally, during our Magnify Money segment, we'll talk to a Stacker named Nick on how to spend more money. He's thinking about moving his family to a high-cost area. How does he afford the bigger expenses he's about to bring on?

As always, of course we'll quiz our contributors on Joe's Mom's neighbor Doug's amazing trivia. We're talking coffee on today's show. Specifically, how many people like their cup of Joe black (aka "naked," "with nothing in it," or "au natural.")

Mom hopes you're all safe and washing your hands! Enjoy the show.