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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Sep 30, 2019

Hoping to retire someday? What about retiring early? On today's show we'll sit down with Chris Mamula who retired at...wait for it....41, about how he did it. He's the co-author of the newly released book, Choose FI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence, and also is an award-winning blogger at He and his wife blazed their own trail toward freedom after meeting with advisors who didn't serve them and reading blogs that didn't speak to them. They might have also listened to a podcast or two that didn't meet with their expectations.

Before all that, though, in our headlines segment, we'll cover one piece from Financial Planning about a Vanguard robo-advisor only recommending... (wait for it) ... Vanguard funds! Think something seems a little fishy with this? We'll throw our two cents into the ring, and still save plenty of time for our second piece from Forbes: women just aren't purchasing enough life insurance. This is SUPER disturbing, given how much women contribute to the average family. If they have a 50% contribution, why aren't they asking for more insurance? We'll share the ugly details.

Plus, we'll still have time to throw out the Haven Life Line to Stevan, who thinks it's the right time to start a retirement account. Based on his current tax bracket and the research he's done, Stevan feels like he should choose a Roth IRA over a traditional to get started... is he missing anything? What would be the pros to choosing a traditional account?

Of course, we'll always have time for Doug's trivia.

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