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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jul 31, 2019

The cast in the Broadway play "Rent" asks, "How do you measure the life of a man?" Today we ask that question as we speak with Nicholas Mann (a great musician in his own right) about his father, the founding member of the Julliard String Quartet (among many other accomplishments), Robert Mann. We'll be talking about Robert Mann's early years: growing up in Portland, getting started on the road to his dream, taking the plunge to move to New York City, his years at Julliard, his military service, and more. We'll talk about practice, mentors, money, teachers, lessons learned, and much more.

In our headlines segment, are you the type of person to use the same password on every online account? First...stop that! There's plenty of easy-to-use software out there that will make multiple passwords a breeze. Second, you'll want to change your passwords on the double if you own a Robinhood account. We'll dive into the details during the show, but the company was storing their passwords in plain text, a HUGE internet security no-no. In our second headline, do you still have unpacked boxes from you last move? We'll look at an Inc. piece detailing how one NASA intern scored millions just by cleaning out an old box he'd carried around through the years. Maybe there's gold in that hoarding you've been doing.

After a little dose of Doug's trivia, we'll throw out the Haven Life Line to Ryan, who's started his own business. Ryan is looking into opening a self directed IRA, but his friends have been pointing him towards a SEP 401k. What type of account should he choose?

We'll end out the show with a letter from Leo, who wants to know how 529 plans affect FASFA eligibility. Wouldn't it be better to not invest in a 529 plan to make sure your kids get financial aid?

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