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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Apr 27, 2018

Looking for a better deal on our insurances? We'll tackle a piece today about tracking devices that trade privacy for your data, which will hopefully save you money on your insurance. Would you trade your data for lower costs? We'll discuss this and the many ways you CAN save money on insurances with our special guest Shannon Harvey (author of How To Avoid Financial Disaster), along with our regular contributors OG and Paula Pant from Afford Anything!

And halfway through the show we'll take a break and talk to Nic Kopp from online bank N26. After successfully scaling in Europe, this bank is poised to now bring easier mobile banking to the USA. We'll talk to Nic about exactly what N26 has to offer and when you can sign up.

Plus we answer a three-oh call for help to the Blooom hotline. VJ wonders if he should ditch his insurance agent AFTER he helped him find a policy? He feels guilty because even though the agent answered lots of questions and was helpful, VJ found a better price online. What should he do?

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