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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Mar 25, 2019

What's your money story? What the heck IS a money story? Jean Chatzky from Her Money (and the Today Show money editor) joins us to talk about her money story, why it's important, and how to use it to avoid making mistakes in the future and capitalize on your strengths. We'll also talk about maximizing social security, why many women don't consider themselves to be "investors," and judgement-free financial discussions.

Plus, in our headlines segment, we'll cover one new story that suggests there's a "alphabeticity bias" in 401k investing. What is alphabeticity bias? We'll not only define it, but probably make you groan when you hear how it's hurting people's performance in their retirement plans.

Later on we'll field some of your questions. First we'll throw out the Haven Life Line to Tim, who has a pension fund at work and an estimated monthly benefit. How does he calculate his net worth statement. Next, we'll open up a letter from Tyler, who has recently read that he shouldn't own small cap funds in a taxable brokerage account because of capital gains. Does he have a right to be concerned?

As always, we'll still save some time for Doug's (completely epic) trivia.

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