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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Oct 25, 2017

Ever make a financial move because someone else told you it was a good idea and it turned out poorly? Maybe you already apply data to your decisions, but what if it could be better? Today our guests, Stuart Kruse and Sean Brown are both advocates of applying better data to your investing decisions, and we'll discuss how to make that work.

Plus, in our headlines segment, we FINALLY hear Joe and OG have a knock down drag out argument about a new Canadian mortgage lending law. Is it a good idea? You'll hear the guys brutal argument on the topic today. Also, we'll discuss how the USA ranks against other countries when it comes to mutual fund disclosures and regulations. What can you learn from a mutual fund prospectus? We'll tackle that, too....

We'll of course have more from the world of financial planning, throw out the Haven Life line to lucky listener Ben, who wonders if he's paying too much in investment management fees, score with some of Doug's delightful trivia, and more.

Huge thanks to Roofstock (check out their massive real estate database) and (when you're comparing financial tools like credit cards and savings accounts) for helping us with today's show. They're awesome companies and if you're not using them, I'm not sure you know what you're missing!