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The Stacking Benjamins Show

May 27, 2019

On today's holiday episode we'll remember a great member of the investment community, T. Rowe Price. Cornelius Bond recently wrote a biography on the investing giant, and we'll dive in on the man, the investment philosophy, and how he built one of the country's biggest financial companies. First, in our headlines segment, do you know someone who's graduating this spring? You may want to share today's show with them, because we'll cover what many employers think is the most annoying characteristic of new hires. Think the trait has something to do with slacking off or staring at their phones all the time? The real answer might surprise you. Plus, in our second headline, Uber just completed one of the worst IPOs of the past 25 years. We'll cover the big lesson from that experience as well.

Later on, after some Memorial Day travel trivia from Doug, we'll field a Haven Life Line question from Nick, who's now ineligible to contribute to his Roth IRA due to the amount of money he earns. He's starting to invest in his workplace 401k, but his employer doesn't match. Is there something better he should be doing? Also, with two young kids in the house Nick has to start thinking about college. He doesn't like the idea of putting college savings into a 529 plan, so what about an UGMA or UTMA account?

Finally, in our letters segment, Jessica has sold some stock in her Fidelity account. Can she use those gains to fund her Roth IRA?

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