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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jul 26, 2019

Everyone has made mistakes during their life. Lord knows, we've made our share. While we thankfully forget about a lot of the smaller mistakes we make, the larger mistakes tend to stay with us as lessons we can use to help us in the future. Learning from your own mistakes is great, but being able to learn from another person's mistakes and saving yourself some heartache is even better. Today we're giving you a free "head directly to Go and collect $200" card by sharing with you some of the WORST investing decisions of all time, as shared by one publication.

Halfway through the show, our roundtable discussion will take a break for our Fintech segment. With colleges opening up their doors for the fall semester soon, we'll focus on one company that's striving to improve student grades AND earn them some extra cash while doing it. Joe will sit down with Jerry Zheng from One Class, and get some detailed bullet points on just how the note-taking company works.

Plus, we'll answer a voicemail from K during our Magnify Money segment. K wants to get into real estate and is looking for ways to save for a down payment. While lowering her contributions to her retirement accounts make the most sense to her the idea still makes her cringe. What if she never finds a buying opportunity and misses out on money she could have been earning? Thoughts?

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