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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Aug 21, 2019

Len Penzo is the king of the sandwich study...and of independent thinking ABOUT sandwiches (and many, many other topics). On today's show we dive into the latest iteration of our favorite way of talking about inflation: comparing the rise and fall of prices among popular school lunch/work brown bag sandwiches. How much do different sandwiches cost? How much more do they cost than last year? What are the most inexpensive sandwiches? Which have changed in price the most? If you're looking for a deep dive into the world of sandwiches, today is the show for you.

In our headlines segment, we will learn what the ten stocks millennials just cannot live without. What are they? How do they compare with the stocks you SHOULD own? We'll tackle both the top 10 list and attempt to answer that question. Plus, what is a small cap REIT and should you think about one in your portfolio? We'll talk about diversification during our second headline.

After a little dose of Doug's sandwich-themed trivia, we'll throw out the Haven Life Line to a lucky caller. It's another fun show with lots of twists and turns...just another day in the basement.