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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Oct 21, 2019

There's a storm coming toward retirements all over the United States (and elsewhere). Pensions are broken, Social Security is headed toward big cuts, and personal savings? Nobody is doing it. On today's show, we'll sit down with the visionary behind the Broken Eggs documentary, Chad Parks. Chad's 2013 documentary shone some light on America's looming retirement crisis. It's been six years since the film released and we'll discuss the progress and changes that have (or sadly, haven't) happened across the retirement landscape since then.

During our headlines segment we'll keep the retirement theme going strong by examining TIAA's newest study on retirement and lifetime income. Plus we'll discuss one piece from InvestmentNews about SoFi refunding investors for a tax hit caused by their very own, proprietary ETFs.

Later we will throw out the Haven Life Line to Trent, who's worried we'll become over-leveraged as he continues to buy rental properties. Here's the question: what exactly is being over-leveraged?

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