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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Sep 20, 2019

We spend more and buy stuff to make us happy, but does it? Does more really equal better? On today's show we dive into a recent blog post from the Four Pillar Freedom blog to look at the nature of happiness. Money is always intertwined in our view of "happy," probably because advertisers love making us think that if we just buy one more thing we'll finally get that elusive joy that we've been craving. We'll talk about joy, addiction, happiness and more on today's podcast with a team including Beau Humphreys from The Personal Finance Show, CFP Katie Brewer from Your Richest Life planning, and our own OG.

Halfway through the showwe have a special treat where we usually feature our Friday Fintech spotlight. Today instead we'll shine a light on mortgages, because with his recent move to Detroit, Joe just found out that industry insider Joel Gurman from Quicken Loans is his neighbor! Joe invites Joel down to the basement today and quizzes him about the state of mortgages, how interest rates really work, what other fees are involved with mortgages, and more. It's a wide-ranging, fun conversation about the biggest loan many of us will ever have.

But that's not all. We'll help C on the Magnify Money call-in segment. C is wondering about retirement withdrawal software. He feels that savings-wise, he is on course, but he wants to make sure that he is withdrawing in the most tax-efficient way.

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