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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Oct 26, 2018

Just like how you need to know where the pedals are when you ride a bike, learning the key financial terms is an important part of your success as a saver. What are the most important terms to know? We're joined by Tom Drake from the Maple Money podcast, CFP Katie Brewer from Your Richest Life Planning, and Paula Pant, to tackle most of the basics. Which of these terms do you know?

We'll also talk to Lucas Hall, who we give us a walk through this week's Friday FinTech featured company, Cozy. If you're a landlord or you're a renter, Cozy might be a company you'll want to know more about. They help landlords make life easy for themselves and for their renters. We'll talk about common problems landlords have and how this particular company has attacked those issues.

Finally, we'll answer a listener call for help AND save some room for Doug's amazing trivia.

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