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The Stacking Benjamins Show

May 30, 2018

She struggled with credit card debt, student loans, and more, but now Michelle Bobrow's not only a money ninja...she'll help teach you how to manage your money better on today's episode. We'll talk about Michelle's early days of spending mistakes (that may sound like mistakes many of us have made), plus lessons she learned while working on Wall Street. 

Our first headline covers the one fifteen minute hack one publication says you should implement if you want to manage your money better. Wonder what it is? You won't be disappointed, although it may not be what you think. Also, we'll tackle news that everything is getting more expensive more quickly than before. Ever wonder how inflation actually works? We'll explain that and more on today's show. Plus, we're  throw out the Haven Life line to Mollie, who's wondering which insurance plan is better: should they use her plan which has smaller premiums, or her husbands, which has smaller deductibles when you use the coverage? We'll also another listener letter, throw out Doug's trivia, and more.

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