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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Apr 26, 2019

Why aren't you rolling in the dough? Maybe it's because you aren't focusing on the right parts of your budget. Studies have consistently shown that ONE area of savings beats all others. What is it? Tori Dunlap from HerFirst100k joins Len Penzo and OG to talk about why you aren't saving more money. While you'll learn the top reason why you aren't saving more, you might also have fun doing it....

Halfway through the show we'll take a break from our discussion while Joe talks with Jarrod from the new Easy Profit game. If you've spent any amount of time listening to the show you know that we love the idea of the science of play. So when we heard about a new game that'll teach you how to understand financial statements we just had to talk to the guy behind it all.

Then, when Joe's done talking to Jarrod, we'll take some time for Doug's trivia. After a little Disney inspired gameshow fun we'll answer a voicemail from Demetrious, who's been hard at work paying down his loans. While Demetrious wants to keep bringing an extra cash all the overtime at his manufacturing job has been wearing down on his body. Are there some side hustles that he could turn to?

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