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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Nov 20, 2019

Ever wonder HOW you can finally get ahead? While some people moan that they just can't seem to make ends meet, Craig Curelop worked from the opposite strategy: he realized that EVERYTHING is for sale. Today we'll talk to the 24 year-old who's hacked his house, his car, and more to get ahead. He's biked to work, slept on his couch...and his old boss said he'd even rent you his underwear. Craig shows us all how we can get ahead if we're willing to go the extra mile.

Plus, what funds have had the worst returns in 2019? We'll share the list, which is interesting (to say the least). Not only that, but we'll also watch OG maybe throw up in his mouth as we tackle target-date funds. New information shows that maybe the big brokerages know these tools are broken...or at the least, suboptimal for many people.

That's not all. Of course, we'll also finish out the show with some of Doug's absolutely amazing trivia! It's gonna be fantastic! Hit play already!