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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jun 21, 2017

What does your financial dream house look like? Financial planner Greg Powell says that he always has trouble convincing people to complete a financial plan because it sounds like a ton of work. But a financial dream house? That's a much easier sell...and he's going to help you sell yourself on that concept in today's episode. We'll talk about where investments fit into the overall structure (not as far up the priority list as you'd think), how to work through building your "plans," and then how to build a team that effectively helps you finally create the "structure" of the house.  

On the Haven Life line, Garrett asks about company stock inside of his 401k. Should he dump it? If you have company stock inside of YOUR 401k, this'll be helpful for you...and if you own LOTS of one company's stock, you'll also like this segment. We also answer a letter from Andrew, who wonders about his target date fund. As you know (if you've listened to us before), we've been pretty critical of target date funds. What is his next best move? Do YOU have a target date fund? Maybe today's letter segment will help you, too!

Of course we have Doug's trivia, some bad jokes, and lots more....

Huge thanks to for helping us with today's show!