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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Sep 30, 2016

When life hands you more money, how does it stay in your pocket instead of floating away? Toni Husbands was over $100k in debt before going on the attack with her family. Now, the Debt Free Divas star joins Paula Pant and Will Sisk (Afford Anything) to tackle a few of the ways they are able to save money. We also discuss important issues like saving money at Starbucks (or just how to score discounts ANYWHERE) and how to "waste" money to improve your life.

Our FinTech company this week in the middle of the show is Abaris. Matt Carey is formerly with the US Treasury and with a partner set out to change the business of annuities and lifetime income streams. How does it work? We'll ask him today! Download the Abaris guide to retirement planning (for SB listeners): DIY Online Retirement Services Guide

Thanks to MagnifyMoney and SoFi for sponsoring our podcast!