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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jun 23, 2017

How should you invest when the market's been in a bull market tear for the last several years? We ask our Friday roundtable panel that question and MAN, they don't disappoint. You'll hear about selling losers, setting expectations ahead of time for your investments, and more.

We also cover (as we do EVERY Friday), LOTS of other topics, including whether it's best to pay with cash or credit. What do you think? I'm not sure our panel will agree... AND we also bring up some of the difficult questions kids ask about money. How would YOU answer them?

In our Friday FinTech segment we have a great guest...Patrick Ambron from talks about the importance of creating and protecting your online identity. He shares horror stories of people's social media problems and explains steps to protect yourself. Plus, as always with this segment, he'll share with you their platform and how they help people dig in and take charge of their identity.

Thanks to for sponsoring our show, and thanks also to everyone who's visited using our link!