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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Feb 19, 2020

Are you struggling with debt? How about a little inspiration? Cindy Zuniga paid off a LOT of debt in just four years. Like you, she finally realized she'd had enough and something had to change she did. Today she'll share the struggle and her path out from deep debt, along with dispelling some myths about debt payoff strategies along the way. She'll also share how she successfully used a cool concept called "zero-based budgeting" to not just pay down debt but to curb her spending habits successfully. Additionally, she'll share some of the places she found inspiration to keep going on her long journey during her payoff process and after. If you saw Cindy's story on Good Morning America, you'll love this expanded interview with her today on Stacking Benjamins!

Plus, Fidelity Investments has some great news for savers: we're doing a good job saving collectively. However, some of us are (ahem) doing better than others. John Boroff, Fidelity's Director of Retirement and College Leadership joins us Joe's dad's shortwave radio to talk about not just the successes, but also why people have maybe been more successful so you can emulate those strengths. He'll also share some great ideas to save more if you're behind.

If you think that's all, it might be your first time here (so welcome!). Of course we'll throw out the Haven Life line to a lucky caller, share some of Doug's chocolatey trivia AND much, much more. Enjoy!