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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Aug 22, 2018

PB&J or BLT? Before you answer that question you'll want to listen in on today's show. You guessed it! Today's the return of Len Penzo's annual Sandwich Survey. We're mixing the costs of going back to school, nutrition, and a little inflation talk all into one discussion. Turns out you can learn quite a bit from comparing the rising (or falling) costs of sandwiches year-to-year. Who knew that the economics of lunch could be so fun?

And if you're not particular towards any particular sandwich, we're also bringing the sauce in our headlines. First up? If you're a homeowner you could be sitting on a record amount of cash. Maybe you're not a homeowner? We've got you covered too in our second headline... we'll be looking at some new loan programs targeting homebuyers with 3% down or less.

We'll also have time to answer Doug's trivia, listen in on a Haven Life Line call from our basement friend Lee, AND still get around to a listener letter.

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