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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Feb 22, 2019

It's easy to find financial advice on the internet. But finding GOOD financial advice? You'll find that's a bit more difficult. With so many money "gurus" pushing their sage wisdom, how do you sort through all the noise and find the truth? We'll discuss where the "truth" lies today, with some help from our contributors: Chelsea Brannon from Smart Money Mamas, Len Penzo from, and OG from this podcast. Today we're tackling money, (bad) advice, and lies!

Halfway through the show we'll take a break to talk to Eric Redline, creator of kid-focused money management app, NuMoola. Next we'll answer a Magnify Money call from Scott, who wants to buy a home sooner rather than later. The catch? He doesn't have 20% to put down as a downpayment. Should he charge forward anyway?

And don't you worry, we'll save some time for Doug's trivia.

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