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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Mar 27, 2019

Tony Bradshaw believes that we all can become millionaires. Growing up in a low income household, Tony learned the hard way how difficult it was to make and keep a dollar. But, using some of the strategies he talks about on today's show, he set a goal, made a plan, and then worked his plan to become a millionaire before he was forty years old. We'll talk about how you can make similar choices on today's podcast.

Plus, in our headlines segment, we're NOT talking about Millennials, but instead, the newest study focused on... Gen Z. If we had to put a label or two on this generation's approach to the workplace it would read something like this: fast promotions and BIG raises. We'll dig behind the numbers and find some takeaways that are more than meets the eye, with the CEO of the company that studied the commission, Bill Bennett, from Inside Out Development.

Later on we'll throw out the Haven Life Line to David, who has some "big" investor questions. What's the deal with being an accredited investor? The group has to be pulling in a nice income every year, or has a big net worth already behind them. Is there really a higher class of investor who have better investing options than everyone else? After we spend some time sorting out the answer for David we'll field a letter from Kyle, who wants needs some guidance on what to do with a bonus from work. Should Kyle lump sump into his 401k (which will max out his contributions for the year), or dollar cost average the cash into his account?

As always, we'll still save some time for Doug's trivia.

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