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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Oct 31, 2018

We're bringing two specially picked Halloween inspired guests down to the basement today, (and as a bonus, for once we can call all of our cobwebs and flickering lights seasonal decoration. Bonus!) Today we welcome the two brains behind the Mad Money Monster blog, Mr. and Mrs. Mad Money Monster. And speaking halloween decorations, Mr. Mad Money Monster, (or Harrison for short), is also a horror film director! Not only are we going to discuss practical money habits gone scary, we'll also peek into the mind of a director who sets out to scare us ALL.

Plus, in our headlines segment, we're looking at a response letter penned by Blink-182 frontman, Tom DeLonge. It was previously reported that Tom's UFO organization accumulated $37 million worth of debt. Tom fired back that the original reporter didn't understand the SEC filing that the report is based on. Bottom line? Someone in this argument is VERY wrong. Later on we'll answer Doug's trivia question, and a listener letter from Mike. With dollar cost averaging in mind, what's the best way for Mike to transfer his money from his target date funds over to an S&P 500 index fund? And don't you worry, we'll still have time to throw out the Haven Life line to John, who wants to know if he can use his HSA in other countries just like he can here in the good ole USA.

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