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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Oct 24, 2018

Today we bring you two fantastic podcast episodes in a single package! As part of our three city tour we headed to Orlando, where Chris Browning and the Popcorn Finance podcast took the stage. Chris tackles some of his (and the audience's) biggest money wins and failures. He talks about controlling spending, buying some dumb stuff, listening to some bad advice, and more. 

And in the second half of our show, Joel Goldberg and the Rounding the Bases podcast take center stage from our show in Kansas City. Joel welcomes one of the best storytellers we've ever heard, Bob Kendrick, from the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, to introduce people to some of the stories, adversity, culture, and excitement of the Negro Leagues. You're going to love these stories. Think they're about sports? Think again. Bob will talk about entrepreneurship, business opportunities, creating a successful team, and the value of strong leadership.

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