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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Nov 28, 2016

Hosting a holiday party? Worried about parties you'll be attending? Creator of online site Jillian Tohber Leslie joins us with some creative and original ideas to either make your party stand out or to ensure YOU stand out at the next party you're invited to attend. 

In our headline segment Phillip Moeller, author of Get What's Yours For Medicare joins us to talk about open enrollment, which ends in the next eight days. What are common mistakes people make? He'll share. We also tackle a survey about what sinks most shopper's budgets around the holiday season.

On the Haven Life Line, we'll answer a question from Mark about itemized deductions and charitable giving, then in our letters segment, we'll try and answer Matt's question about why some financial advisors get a bad rap.

Special thanks to  SoFi and Magnify Money for sponsoring our show. Support the companies that support us AND help yourself along the way.

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