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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Mar 23, 2020

First, we're joking about the coronavirus coverage. While we'll discuss the key fundamentals you need to know, we'll spend more time today talking about the basics. Between focusing on your money mindset with Jean Chatzky from The Today Show and, refinancing your debt, and getting your taxes paid on time, there's a LOT to cover. Hopefully you'll find yourself focusing on the good things instead of glued to the television and events you can't control.

During our headlines we're covering the latest silver lining from the IRS: the tax filing deadline has been kicked down the road AND penalties and interest has been waived on tax payments. During our segment we'll explain what that all means to you, (other than waiting a few more months to file, of course. Procrastination for the win!). Plus during our second headline we'll share how virus fears have led to a mortgage refinancing boom.

During the Haven Life Line we're answering a question from one of our Facebook Basement members. Phil and his wife took out a HELOC last year and decided they wouldn't refinance to avoid paying closing costs. With rates dropping how they are, Phil asked our group: doesn't it make sense to refinance now and save large down the road?

As always, we'll save some room for Doug's chip-and-dip themed trivia.