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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Mar 29, 2019

On today's show, we'll cover all the (once) great financial strategies that have floated around the financial community. What outdated rules-of-thumb are you holding? We'll talk about which financial rules you should probably chuck out the window, and which ones still hold some water in today's world. Joining us on today's roundtable is Sophia Bera (Gen Y Planning), Paula Pant (Afford Anything), and from our very own podcast, OG.

Halfway through the show we'll take small break for our Friday Fintech segment, which today we're renaming "Friday HealthTech." Joe and OG sit down with Angelo Poli, the founder of personal lifestyle and weight loss company, MetPro. How do you get yourself in shape? Buy health and sell bad habits.

And during our Magnify Money Call, our contributors will take a walk down memory lane to answer Rob's question. Rob's a high school teacher with the opportunity to pass on good financial knowledge to his senior class. He'd like some advice on what knowledge we would've wanted before we started our life journey.

As always, of course, we'll still save some time for Doug's trivia.

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