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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Mar 28, 2018

Thinking about placing some of your hard earned Benjamins into investments in China? So have many American investors, yet lots of them don't know how much trouble they might be inadvertently be walking into. Jed Rothstein, Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award winning director) joins us to discuss his new documentary, the China Hustle. How do people get swindled out of millions of dollars while trying to buy Chinese stocks listed on American stock exchanges? We'll hear how the game works and also show you how deceptive it is even though it was all legal.
In headlines today we hear a gut-wrenching story about how an NBA star went from a $61 million fortune to being six figures in debt. We'll also discuss a headline about buying insurance online. There are many questions people should ask when purchasing anything online, and we ask Haven Life CEO Yaron Ben-Zvi to share some tips with us. As always, he gives us lots of ideas to make sure you know what you're buying.
Plus, as always, we throw out the Haven Life line to a listener. Today Win is wondering why her tax refund check is so low. Is it because she recently paid off her student loan? Also, we answer a letter from Nate who wonders about depositing a refund from an HSA expense back into his account even though he's no longer eligible? Of course, we'll have Doug's trivia and more fun on today's show.
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