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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Aug 21, 2017

What's a rock star and your money have in common? Rocker Gooding  is criss-crossing the USA teaching kids financial literacy and today he's talking with us about money lessons and great music. He'll share some great money ideas from non-profit Funding the Future, and also share some of his hit songs.

How up to date is your homeowners against catastrophic losses? ServiceMaster Restore's Pete Dunkanson joins us in our headlines segment to help you tweak your homeowner's coverage so that you're prepared if the worst occurs. Consider yourself a buy-and-hold investor? In our headline segment we discuss a recent Wall Street Journal piece that describes what a down market does to the average "buy and hold" investor. What should you change about your strategy? We'll discuss that!

We'll also throw out the Haven Life Line, feature some rock and roll trivia from Doug, and more.

Special thanks to M1Finance and Tiller for sponsoring our show! We couldn't do any of this without the support of this awesome company.