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The Stacking Benjamins Show

May 24, 2017

With Memorial Day right around the corner in the USA, we ask Mr. Theme Park Insider, Robert Niles, "Where we can find the best values?" As always, he delivers with suggestions for parks around the country, and with ideas for people and families of all ages.

In our headlines we talk about money disorders that kill your financial plan. We also discuss a disturbing spending trend among older people. We throw out the Haven Life line to Emily, who wants to know if her boyfriend's job is sub-optimal (he's an active stock trader), and we answer a letter from Stephanie, who asks about buying a house. Should she plop down a bigger down payment or go with a bigger loan to leave her money invested?

Of course we have Doug's trivia, some bad jokes, and lots more....

Huge thanks to SoFi and for helping us with today's show!

Looking for show notes? They're right here.