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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Aug 26, 2019

We're celebrating Labor Day in style (and a week early) with Frankie Celenza, the chef at Struggle Meals on the Tastemade network. We'll talk not only how to make your holiday weekend grilling perfect, but also how to make smart and frugal food choices in the kitchen. Not only will he share tips on how to make your perfect burger, but also grocery ideas in general, how to make sauces, and the key to that recipe in front of you.

Before our fantastic chat with Frankie, we'll discuss the retirement danger zone. Could the early years of retirement make or break your golden years? We'll cover what you SHOULD be worried about when it comes to retirement, plus we'll also give our two cents on one piece from InvestmentNews that shares five reasons why even the staunchest of Roth IRA lovers might want to think about leaving some of their portfolios in traditional IRAs.

After we take a break for some Labor Day trivia from Doug, we'll round out the show by throwing out the Haven Life Line to Susan, who's mother needs $1800 a month for her assisted living facility. Her mother has a sizable nest egg split with some of the allocation going into a total stock index, and some going into a total bond index. Which of the funds should be in a Roth account. Does it really matter?

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