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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jun 21, 2019

How do avoid becoming a zombie? No, not the Walking Dead zombie, but the type who works their whole life, just pounding away, realizing too late that it was all for nothing? On today's episode, Deb Meyer helps the team talk about redefining retirement. What does it really mean? How do we ensure we're chasing the right dreams? We'll discuss some big, heady thoughts in today's main segment.

Halfway through the show we'll take a break from our discussion to talk to the Evil HR Lady, Suzanne Lucas. Uber drivers have just been declared independent contractors, and not employees. What does that mean if you're working in the gig economy? What does that mean if you hire employees? We'll talk about all angles of this issue, and how it involves both side hustles and maybe also your primary job, on today's show.

Of course, as always, we'll take a Magnify Money hotline call, test our knowledge with Doug's hotdog eating trivia, and more!