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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jul 21, 2017

Investment tips abound on today's podcast. We cover the keys to successful investing, so you can STOP making critical investment mistakes. Then we pivot to some money mistakes people on their 40's make (don't worry...even if you aren't in your 40's these will apply to you). We'll then talk about mistakes a certain bear in England made, and how you can avoid those. Jason Parker from Sound Retirement Radio joins our panel that also includes Paula Pant and Len Penzo on today's show!

Want to travel the world? In our Friday FinTech segment we have a great guest...Lauren Proctor from Jobbatical joins us to describe how you can work your way around the globe with help from her firm and companies that need help in regions you might be hoping to explore. It's an interesting concept and a way to expand your horizons you may not have considered. 

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