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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Nov 19, 2014

JD Roth, original creator of Get Rich Slowly and currently blogging at JD joins us to talk insurances. We've heard him on many other podcasts, but never talking about risk management....and MAN, does he deliver. We discuss insurance philosophy in general, life insurance, health, disability, car and home, insurance agents and long term care, among others. We also discuss his new course, Get Rich Slowly.

Also, Joe & OG tackle how we'd manage ten million dollars if WE'D won a big poker tournament. The SEC also changes rules around non-traded REIT reporting. What does it mean to you? It might mean a lot if you own these investments.

The Evil HR Lady, Suzanne Lucas discusses recommendations. What do you say if a former employee's new prospective employer calls and wants to know if your old employee is worth hiring? She'll give you a surprising answer that the lawyers might not like.

We take a reader letter asking about paying cash for cars AND about uneven income streams. How do you budget when you aren't sure where your next meal is coming from?

....AND as icing on the cake, Joe saw the new Jake Gyllenhaal movie Nightcrawler. It gets top reviews, but is it actually good? 

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