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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jun 20, 2018

Mail call! Today we're ripping open your letters and answering tons of your questions.  We'll share our thoughts on 401k loans, improving your credit, saving money... and much, much more.

And during out headlines segment we're looking at Vanguard's 401k changes and... an article about millennial saving habits. It appears that many millennials think they're either going to retire early or not at all. As Joe's mom would say, "that doesn't sound good." It isn't...and bigger problems lie in the details of this story. 

Plus we're throwing out the Haven Life line to Heather. With the possibility of Student Loan Forgiveness on the horizon, how much money should Heather be putting towards her loan? And with debt to pay off, what's some good advice for getting on track for retirement?

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