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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Feb 20, 2019

Today we'll throw out our regular playbook to focus on what's really important: your burning financial questions! From Ginny, who wants to become interested in finance (plus a husband who has a BIG man-crush on OG), to Craig and his wife who just inherited a big sum of money....and to Chris wants to know if he should use his savings to pay off his car note before his wedding, we made you and your questions our BIGGEST focus today.

BUT, that's not all... we still managed to tackle two big headlines. Making ripples across the financial sector, one ex financial adviser has been sent to prison for seven years after stealing $300,000 from a 97 year old. How do you avoid that mess? We'll show you where this situation went off the rails. Plus, in our second headline, a series of mistakes has the Omaha Public School' pension fund scrambling after a $771 million shortfall. Headlines like these don't exactly inspire trust in the financial industry, so we'll share our big ideas on saving for retirement without walking into a mess like this.

A letters episode doesn't mean we're skipping out on the Haven Life Line! Jared is at a critical point with his financial advisor, who hasn't had the best returns in the past couple of years. Is it time for Jared to give his advisor the boot? We can't make the decision for him... but we can tell him our thoughts.

As always, we'll still save some time for Doug's (completely epic) trivia.

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