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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Sep 29, 2015

On today's MONSTER episode we're helping you build better habits. To kick things off, Tony Stubblebine from joins the show to talk about reaching your goals. Why do so many people struggle to complete their best work? He'll talk about the power of great coaching, why some coaches stink, and fool-proof methods to achieve your best work.

In our letters segment we answer a SLEW of letters from listeners about 401k loans. These absolutely STINK (to put it nicely) and we'll use real world numbers and examples to explain why you should NEVER take out a 401k loan unless it's your last resort (or you feel lucky).

The Evil HR Lady, Suzanne Lucas joins us to tackle bad habits to break at work. We share headlines about "cockroach" brokers you should avoid AND (more importantly), a fast food company that's moving from 4th meal to BEER!

Of course, there's lots more, so come on in!

Thanks to SoFi and MagnifyMoney for sponsoring our podcast.