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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Apr 22, 2015

Jason O'Donnell from Bluestone Financial Institutions Fund has a cool job. He's CIO for a hedge fund, working with investors with over $2M net worths who are specifically interested in financial stocks. If anyone knows the future of banking, it's Jason.

So, we'll ask him how banks can stop being so....awful. We'll pick his brain on banking mergers, on dwindling services and on how people will interface with their banker. We'll also talk about ease of borrowing money, banks getting hacked, which size banks are going to be the big winners, and how your phone will be right in the middle of how you interact with your bank (even more than today).

But that isn't all....OG & Joe share yet another REIT horror story and talk about the quest for higher it helping marketers create some new investments that might not be in our best interest? PK discusses taxes on Fractional Sense....Doug has trivia, and we talk about an oldie-but-goodie flick (does anyone say that anymore?): Running Brave.

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