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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jun 29, 2015

Professional basketball player Tim Duncan is suing his financial advisor for losing $25M dollars. What went wrong? What's the lesson for all of us? We'll dig in today!

Deacon Hayes from The Well Kept Wallet joins the fun today, discussing commuting costs, illegal money habits and more with Paula Pant (Afford Anything) and Joe. We also take your letters, including one about the popular app Acorns, another on our "pay off your mortage sooner" strategy, and a third questioning the number of times Joe says OG's name during the show.

Additionally, Shannon McLay from Martinis and Your Money may or may not join us this episode. We can neither confirm nor deny that she'll be on the show.....

Does that sound like a circus? It's just another Monday here at Stacking Benjamins!

Thanks to SoFi and  MagnifyMoney for sponsoring our podcast.